Miner’s Strike 40th Anniversary

Miner’s Strike 40th Anniversary

Project overview

To commemorate the 1984 – 1985 Miner’s Strike, FLUX have been working with communities and individuals to capture stories and share experiences of this important event that has had lasting impact on our communities. Rotherham and South Yorkshire were a focal point of strike activity; the strike began at Cortonwood Colliery, in Rotherham, and the key confrontation of the strike took place at Orgreave Colliery, near Waverly.

There were over 20 collieries operating within the borough of Rotherham at the time of the strike, and by November 1984 97.3% of Yorkshire miners were on strike, famously supported by women’s activism, and paid work, which sought to keep their families and communities going. The year-long strike was ultimately unsuccessful, but miners returned to work in March 1985 with their heads held high. The strike was a formative experience for many of Rotherham’s communities, and continues to shape local and regional identity and understanding.

‘We Are Women, We Are Strong – is a Soup Kitchen and living installation created by Chol Theatre, serving up local stories of those involved and affected by the mining strike of 1984/85.

Soup Kitchen dishes up local stories of those involved and affected by the mining stroke of 1984/85. Through the living installation, which was shown as WOW Rotherham 2023, people engaged with memories and experiences of the past that represent the people of their community. Chol explored how they proudly came together to look after one another and honour their traditions. Through audio pieces and carefully designed paraphernalia people heard from a time in the past that still resonates with so many today.

For those who missed the event, you can still be a part of the experience by listening to our digital sound gallery of stories.  You can check it out here - https://wearechol.co.uk/soup-kitchen/

My Instrument

Our Alternative Welfare System


We are Woman


“Rotherham Voices from the Strike” by Hybrid 3 Studios

Hybrid 3 Studios has partnered with nationally acclaimed poet Ray Hearne and local residents to capture the essence of the strike events and the impact they still have today. These stories are woven together with archival local folk songs of the era in an artistic but accessible sound pieces, transporting the listener back while remaining firmly rooted in the present.

Each audio piece is rooted in a specific area and has a theme, but there is cross over between them all as the people, places and issues are intertwined. Rotherham’s stories of Brutality, Community, Hardship and Endurance, Women’s roles and the Unions have been captured in Wath, Manvers, Maltby, Cortonwood and Silverwood.

Role of Women:


Hardship and Endurance:


The Hybrid Team are planning 2 special sharing events at Cortonwood Comeback Centre 5pm to 9pm on July 20th and as part of Maltby Festival on the 4th of August.

The artistic team:
Alisdair McGregor
Zak Michaud
Johnny Keating
Ray Hearne
Emily Hearne
Matt Ritchie
Rebecca Hearne                 Music
Michael Somerset Ward        Music
Maltby Colliery Brass Band    Music

Special thanks to:
Bruce Wilson (former miner)
Neil Bingham (Silverwood Colliery Heritage group)
Maltby Coffee morning Group
Participants at Wath Tap
Mr Nairn Willens and the young people of Maltby School
Jayne Andrews, Denise Lelliot and the young people from the Cortonwood Comeback Centre theatre group

About the anniversary:
March 1984 marked the beginning of a year of strike for miners, their families, and communities. It was the largest industrial dispute the UK has ever seen, and Rotherham was right at its centre. Rotherham miners and their supporters were fighting not just for pay, but for their jobs and the future of their communities. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this strike. It is an important year to remember the pivotal events in our history with those that lived through them and to capture their stories for future generations.

Cultural partners and communities across Rotherham have come together to mark this event with a 40th Anniversary Creative Programme. Through exhibitions and events, conversations and performances, the lived experiences of Rotherham’s former mining communities are shared and remembered.

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