WOW Rotherham Community Film call out

WOW Rotherham Community Film call out

The WOW Rotherham festival is a vibrant, colourful, bold, fun, and fearless festival celebration of women, girls, trans and non-binary communities, connecting Rotherham to other women and girls across the globe as part of the WOW – Women of the World family. They offer a different line-up of talks, performances, panel discussions, debates, music, comedy and more.

Following the success of WOW Rotherham 2022 and 2023 and working towards WOW Rotherham 2024, FLUX Rotherham are working alongside community groups to produce different types of content, events, and activities under WOW Rotherham Year-Round.

As we ramp up to a very special event in Feb 2024, we are looking to work with 3 different community groups to create their own small documentary videos around 2-3 minutes long about what their group stands for and why WOW Rotherham is important to them.

The videos will be co-produced with the community groups working with a fabulous photographer and videographer. The screening will take place at the Civic Theatre on the 12th of Feb 2024 in the evening. We’d like to invite everyone along to see the work which will also be open it to an audience to enjoy and learn about community groups happening in their area – free of charge.

Contact Noor with any queries: [email protected]

Deadline: Friday 13th of Oct, 1pm.

Find the brief HERE

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