Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Project overview

Spread The Word is a poetry project that started in Wath and has extended right across Rotherham Borough, including Mowbray Gardens Library.

Spread the Word is about creating a safe space to share stories and begin to express those stories through talking, listening and writing. No prior experience is needed and if you are thinking " I can't write" then this space might be just for you.

The sessions are led by local poet Vic Leeson:

"Over the course of five or six sessions my intention is that we can all create a space together where we share stories with each other. Some of that sharing may be creative writing as well as sharing through talking and listening. You do not need to have any prior writing experience and if you are thinking, “I can’t write” then this space might just be for you.

Each of the sessions will include a space to talk to each other as well as some really gentle creative writing exercises to help us put pen to paper. You may write a few words, you may write a full poem or even a paragraph describing something important to you. We can allow some time and space to share our writing if we choose to and we can also share how it is to be in a space sharing our stories and writing on the page."

To find out more about the sessions visit: Monthly Poetry Sessions

Any questions email Katie at: [email protected]


As part of the Spread the Word project we worked with local poets to create a literary laundry line. The line was made of 16 original poems printed onto tea towels that toured Rotherham Libraries. Including Rawmarsh, Mowbray Gardens, Riverside, Greasborough and Wath. See the gallery below.

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