PIF PAF Theatre – Toast visits Rotherham

PIF PAF Theatre – Toast visits Rotherham

Project overview

On a sunny weekend in the middle of May, PIF PAF theatre brought flying pancakes, singing, dancing, 9 tailed dogs, wild grannies and a bit of eating and coffee drinking to outdoor sites in Wath Upon Dearne and Catcliffe in Rotherham!

Residents in the areas selected the theatre piece to share with their communities, inviting people to join the Guild of Toasters at their Toast cart for 45 minutes where they mixed the performance with audiences sharing their promises of change and celebrating loved ones. Audiences were served pancakes, coffee and wonderful Cypriot Doughnuts in a show like no other. TOAST took the audiences on a journey around the world and through the seasons with music, food, stories and dance!

“I liked it when they handed out pancakes!”

“The music was great. That cart could do everything!”

“That was really good fun”

“I really wasn’t expecting that”

“I’m so glad we came, I didn’t know it would be this good”

“I watched from over here (distance) cos I wasn’t sure about it, but it looked really good, unusual”

Find out more about PIF PAF Theatre here: PIF PAF THEATRE WEBSITE

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