People’s Stories

People’s Stories

Project overview

Community engagement is the reason we operate at Flux Rotherham. We’re always pleased to share stories from members of the community who value their time with Flux. If you want to share an experience you enjoyed with us please drop us an email at [email protected] we’d love to hear it!

Debbie Williams

Find out more about Debbie Williams and her journey from participant to practitioner!

I first became involved with Flux Rotherham when I took part in the “Threads that connect us” project, last year. Since then I’ve moved on to leading my own workshops, notably, making a “memory piece” with the Apna Haq group, and showcasing my visible mending ideas at the Museum of the Moon.  I think it’s so important to have organisations like Flux in Rotherham. Having a creative outlet is the perfect antidote to the stresses and responsibilities of both, everyday life, and the often very challenging times we are living through. So to be able to get out, meet others and share ideas at flux events is great.

For my part, I’ve absolutely LOVED being able to share my passion for sewing fast and slow with a wider audience.

Moving from participant to practitioner has also benefitted me and how I think of my creative endeavours! In having to think about how to teach a skill, I find I’m much more about “enjoying the process” now, rather than worrying ahead to the finished product. I’m allowing myself to have more fun, more play and take more risks. It’s been amazingly empowering!

I do a very wide range of creative making because I simply can’t resist finding out how something is made. My first love, though, has got to be stitching. Give me yarn and I’m happy! I seem to have become my local depository for odds and ends and finding creative ways to use them up is just endlessly satisfying. From yarny playscapes (for the local library) to turning my torn jeans into something arty, make do and mend is my mantra and an ideal driver for creativity.

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Tin Menagerie

Tin Menagerie is a fantastic creative collaboration between Community Connect, Wentworth Woodhouse and Jason Turpin-Thompson.
A group of people sat around a table inside taking part in a sewing workshop. Lots of textiles, embroidery hoops and fabric in the middle of the table.

People’s Stories

Community engagement is the reason we operate at Flux Rotherham. We’re always pleased to share stories from...

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Pif-Paf  Theatre brought Moths at Work to some lucky neighborhoods in Rotherham
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