Cultural Democracy

Cultural Democracy

Project overview

As part of the ongoing development of arts and culture, Flux Rotherham is supporting conversations around Cultural Democracy and what that might mean for Rotherham.

The ambition is that by 2030, Rotherham is established as a new cultural democracy, ensuring that everyone has regular and frequent opportunities to experience high-quality culture and to explore and express their own creative ambitions, heritage and identity. Co-created with our residents, our cultural activities will be popular, relevant and much-loved.

Our first of a series of conversations took place in March at Wentworth Woodhouse. We welcomed more than 50 participants including residents, Rotherham based artists and local cultural partners, who have joined us in the conversations under the spectacular 'Museum of Moon' by Luke Jerram.

A series of creative tasks, led by Auriel Majumdar, have been explored to answer the fundamental questions: What would it feel like, what would we see? How might we embark on the journey and how can we test out approaches through the Flux Programme and with partners?

Would like to be part of the conversation and share your thoughts with us? Please let us know at [email protected]

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