Creature of Curiosity

Creature of Curiosity

CiC group stood around the mythical creature they made

Project overview

Creature of Curiosity was a fantastic creative collaboration, creating giant mythical creatures inspired by the varied inhabitants of the menagerie at Wentworth Woodhouse.

Following the success of the Tin Menagerie Community Connect CIC, and Wentworth Woodhouse were keen to continue working together. They chose to work with Jason again and agreed on creating a giant creature which really stretched the making skills they had begun to develop.
Taking further inspiration from the Menagerie at Wentworth Woodhouse, where the 2nd Marquis of Rockingham had a female moose as early as 1770. Records have been found of eighty-nine species; sixty-two species of birds and twenty-seven species of mammals (excluding the buffaloes in the park) – and there may have been more.
Jason worked with the group to combine ideas for a mythical creature inspired by the varied inhabitants of the menagerie. From those initial ideas they created a large 3D sculpture, made from wood and aluminium.
"It's been a great way of working. The skills of the group have increased week on week, and they have such staying power. I'm really impressed with the level of commitment from all of the participants and staff and together we have made something really special"  -Jason-


Working both at their base in Wath Upon Dearne and in Jason’s studio in Yorkshire Artspace, they came together to create panels and shapes, hammering in patterns and designs linked to the almost restored Camellia House at Wentworth Woodhouse. They also created a cacophony of sounds as they worked the metal.


“You can see guys blossoming doing it, it’s a new scale, they are very enthusiastic, first because of the artist then the work, Jason is great with the group. You can see when they come in, the mood is really different, attitude. They love the publicity and buzz, and the positive feedback from family and friends.”  -Gary Burton, Director, Community Connect CiC-

“I’ve been doing my creation, it’s paid off, it looks very good, it looks beautiful. We’ve been on a beautiful journey. Every week you don’t know what to expect, it’s remarkable!"  -Participant-


“I like the style of the work, it is incredible to finish the project, over a long time period. You have to be very delicate, take little breaks.”  -Participant-


The creature is now installed in the Forest of Bewilderment at Wentworth Woodhouse.

If you would like to know more about the artist Jason Turpin-Thomson please see his website here


Since the end of this project, Community Connect CIC have secured Arts Council Project Grant Funding, where they are recruiting an artist to work with them in residence over the next 15 months- so the story continues!

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