WOW Rotherham 2023

WOW Rotherham 2023

Project overview

WOW Rotherham 2023 (Women of the World Festival Rotherham) returned with a bang on June 10th 2023. The festival took place in Rotherham Town Centre. Over 3,000 people filled the town centre to celebrate women, girls, and non-binary individuals with captivating workshops, talks, performances, concerts, and exciting pop-ups.


The festival's diverse and inspiring schedule catered to a wide range of interests. With engaging talks covering critical topics, such as gender equality, parenting and childcare, work and skills, diversity and a warm welcome, body positivity, safety, gender identity and sexuality, mental health and wellbeing, and multiple interactive and exciting activities for all guests.

From free workshops like life drawing, making exploding rainbows, festival-inspired temporary tattoos, and zine making, to yoga sessions, aerial hoops, and the contagious energy of a silent disco, the WOW Festival had something for everyone to enjoy. As well as all the music performances from 12 local artists in different genres were unforgettable highlights of the day.

WOW Rotherham is organised by Flux Rotherham, Rotherham Council Events Team and Children’s Capital of Culture in partnership with The WOW Foundation.

The WOW Foundation works in partnership with amazing women and organisations to create WOW Festivals across the world. The WOW organisers in each location ensure the content is created by the local community for the local community. While each festival is different in its own wonderful, unique way, there are elements that stay consistent at every WOW Festival wherever you are in the world; from the WOW Marketplace to Under 10's Feminist Corners.

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