Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Project overview

Rotherham residents have the opportunity to work with five professional artists to explore how creativity, art and culture could benefit their community. We have appointed artists Mandy Keating (top right), Rich Wiles (bottom right), Rosie Carnall (bottom left) and Geotone’s Andy and Paul (top left), to work in four areas of the borough including Maltby, Wath, and two central wards.

The artists will co-produce creative work with local people which will be showcased this spring. Check out social media for more exciting news!

  1. Rosie Carnall
  2. Rich Wiles
  3. Mandy Keating
  4. Geotone

MORE Projects



PIF PAF theatre performing toast infront of Catcliffe Cone. A tall brick cone on a sunny day on green grass. Three performers playing musical instruments from a cart.

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Tin Menagerie

Tin Menagerie is a fantastic creative collaboration between Community Connect, Wentworth Woodhouse and Jason Turpin-Thompson.
People sat under a tree on a sunny day at Ferham Festival 2022.

Ferham Festival Rotherham 2023

Find out Flux Rotherham’s role at Ferham Festival, an exciting event in Rotherham driven by the local...
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