Philosophy in Pubs (DUPLICATE)

Philosophy in Pubs (DUPLICATE)

Philosophy in Pubs is for people in Maltby (not only!) to explore big ideas in a series of philosophical conversations run by our Artists in Residence, Rosie Carnall.

There’s going to be a special event for Maltby in April – and you can be a part of it! Come and join in with a fun and lively session to talk and think together and make questions that we’ll be making into a community display. We’ll be talking about some of life’s big questions:

  • How do you know if a picture is art?
  • What makes humans creative?
  • Who decides what culture is?

Philosophy & Chips! Open sessions drop-in sessions:

  • 16th March at Wetherspoons, Queens Hotel, 1.30-3.30pm

Big Talk, Big Ideas, Friendly People. Open, drop-in sessions:

Share your thoughts about creativity and culture in Maltby.

  • 30th March, at Vintage Cafe, 3.30 – 5.30pm
  • 12th April, at Revs and Relics, 2-4pm
  • 12th April, at The Wesley Centre, 7-9pm

Pub Quiz Interventions:

  • 30th March at Wetherspoons, Queens Hotel

Rosie is a creative facilitator who gets people of all ages thinking and talking together. Her practice is based in the process of philosophical enquiry: asking questions, exploring ideas. Through this, she brings people together to enjoy fun philosophical activities, interesting discussions, and creative writing. Rosie loves to be out and about in pubs, galleries and community venues, meeting and talking with whoever wants to join in.

“I’m excited about working as part of Rotherham Flux. Enquiry based work provides an opportunity for people to enter a state of flux – to change their mind, engage with new ideas and learn from others. We’ll be using simple tools for big thinking for participants to explore ideas deeply and gain new insights and inspiration.”


At the first session, Rosie has invited people in JD Wheterspoon Queens Hotel to create a new piece of art, inspired by this vivid wall.

We admired the beautiful glass art in the Queen’s Hotel in Maltby so much that we wanted to try and make a new version. So that’s exactly what we did – with paper marbling. This is a simple way to make stunning and unique patterns with ink and water. People in the pub were able to create individual pieces that were put together at the end to make a new smaller version for display near the original.


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