The Palace is an outdoor installation which asks how we find energy for the future, despite the fear and anger we feel today. It is about our desire to escape, and the urgent need to do something radically different.

The Palace travels around the country and it’s always growing. Right now it has a radio station, a kitchen, a pantry, and an escape hatch. The Palaceis added to and animated by people wherever it goes. At Mowbray Library it will host live music, ‘craftivism’, potlucks and stories of resistance.

Join The Bare Project at The People’s Palace of Possibility at Mowbray Library from the 15th September to 1st October. This outdoor installation is about our desire to escape and the urgent need to remake the world around us – it showcases the voices and ideas of people from London to the Highlands. Come and add yours! You can explore the installation every Thursday – Sunday, 11am – 5pm. Or check out their full listings of events, including street parties, shared meals, and performances at

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