Teresa Sayner

Teresa Sayner

Title/role: Mixed Media Artist

Through my own art, I nourish my need to explore. Handmade papers inspired by colour and pattern found in the subject are layered together with eco prints and paper lithography. These layers illustrate the stories and unseen connections I uncover within the subject. The final over painting being my addition to the story, this results in a mixed media description of my encounter.

Producing my own work is only half the story, my goal is to spread the same joy I get from creating with others. I have always believed, and this is now being backed by science, the process of making is where all the wellbeing benefits are found. My aim is to help people to have a go and enjoy the process. Creativity holds no interest in age, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity, it gives its benefits freely and without prejudice and that’s why I love to spread the joy of creating. I see few limits to participation that explores creative play to promote positive wellbeing.

In a delightful twist, I have found the people I meet in workshops and demonstrations I give help me when deadlines loom and I need to lighten up. They do this by reminding me to engage in creative play and relax. After all, the process of creating is supposed to be fun.

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