Loz Rose

Title/role: Mixed Media Fine Artist
Inspired by all things unusual, I make use of my skill for taking interesting imagery and incorporating this into my work is something I strive to achieve. 

I'm a 25 year old mixed-media fine-artist, recently graduated from University Centre Rotherham. 

So, how did I get here?

My artistic journey began during my foremost years as a child, where I discovered a deep connection to the arts during my early school days. Weekly art classes became a source of eager passion and opportunity for fresh creative expression. Experimenting using various materials such as colouring books, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms, I nurtured lifelong devotion to mixed mediums and variety materials that still remain with me to this day.

Following college, my artistic path took a detour, I delved into studying Marine and Freshwater Conservation at a university in the Lake District. It was during this time that my connection with the natural environment grew stronger, augmenting an admiration for nature. In my second year of university, however, unforeseen circumstances led me to redirect my focus when I decided to leave the course.

Following this time, the pandemic-induced lockdowns provided me the opportunity for a time of introspection and rediscovery, that ultimately rekindled my passion for arts and crafts. With newfound clarity, I made the decision that led me to enroll as a student at UCR.

Now as a graduate, I'm determined to elevate my artistic talents to new heights and curate successful art exhibitions, such as "Ultraviolet" and "Exodus," in collaboration with fellow artist and ROAR member, Ash Lofthouse.

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