Lottie Howe

Lottie Howe

Title/role: Trainee Festival Maker

Profile:  I am so excited to get started so I can put all my ideas into practice. I'm looking forward to working with an experienced group of people who have so many amazing ideas.  I want to push myself to get the most out of this experience, I want to put my creative mind to the test.

What Festival would you love to go to?

Favorite festival I have been to is Leeds festival, I loved the camping and the whole experience of being there. The festival I dream of going to is Glastonbury or Tomorowland.

Brew order: Latte

Most likely to be found: Outside of work i have played football since the age of 9 and I am still a huge football fan, so I would have to say I'm most likely to be found at Sheffield United Football club.

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