Kate Sully

Kate Sully

Title/role: Visual Artist | Mixed Media Artist

Kate Sully is a visual mixed media artist, facilitator and project manager for all kinds of community and educational settings based in South Yorkshire. Though she embarked on a Ceramics degree before continuing her education completing a MA in Fine Art, Kate has always had a different approach to materials and process. Realising her practice was about ideas she was able to use this approach to create both sculptural and wall based pieces to reflect the world around her often creating large scale challenging work. Over the years as a practicing artist Kate has used all kinds of materials and processes to capture the essence of her ideas such as textiles, mixed media, digital imagery, metal, wood and acrylic and has a huge body of artwork which she has exhibited regionally and nationally.

There are common threads which appear thought out Kate’s back catalogue of work which are colour, texture, shape and a desire to look beneath the surface of the world around us and examine and understand it. Her interest in science has always been there but in more recent years Kate has sought to collaborate with the University of Sheffield to use cutting-edge science research to inspire her work and create new ideas and focus on large scale abstract painting.

I have over 30 years experience of delivering all kinds of art projects and events and have worked with all ages and abilities during this period. I pride myself with the ability to inspire anyone to be creative and to find accessible creative ways to engage people. I worked on Right up your street as an arts supporter for 5 years designing exciting art engagement projects and I am now associate artist to the community group that was set up from RUOS and we deliver arts activities across Balby as a very successful legacy to that Arts Council support.

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