Jason Thomson

Jason Thomson

Title/role: Sculptor | Public Artist

I am a full-time sculptor and public artist. I create site specific artworks carving trees, carving stone, producing cast iron, aluminium and bronze sculptures. I work with the public and other groups to design and make new and exciting artworks for each new commissioned project. I am very good at meeting people and inspiring them through presentations and multi-media art workshops that can include metal embossing, woodcarving, clay modelling and drawing.

I have worked with a very diverse range of people encouraging an imaginative and skilful use of hand tools to build personal confidence and wellbeing. Clifton Park has a recent example of one of my tree carvings based on the museum’s curious contents which was carved in situ. Alongside Parkway, towards Sheffield, I have an iron giant known as Iron Henry. Based on children’s tales of their ancestors walking through the woods to the steel mills. If you would like an exciting project devising for and with your organisation please get in touch -I would like to meet with you.

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