Eric William Morris

Eric William Morris

Title/role: Creative Writer | Poet | Visual Artist | Designer

I am a fine artist, an eclectic image maker;  a self-motivated idiosyncratic creator.

My interest in shapes, forms and images was piqued as quite a young child.  Encouraged by my mother's interest in tasseography; I clearly saw the shapes, the forms, and the things that grew out of the tea leaves as I turned the cup. Layered ambiguity of image and meaning is a constant throughout much of my work. Reflections in glass, mirrors, light & shadow interplay, concave convex and geometric ambiguities and jigsaw puzzles are all sources for my work.

I work primarily, in oil, watercolour and wood and currently in 3D graphics digital media. I frequently use digital techniques when making my primary composition, with subsequent changes to the ongoing work, made digitally before being laid down in the paint.

My art education was at Flintshire School of Art, Fine Arts at Birmingham College of Art, and Postgraduate Fine Arts at Reading University.

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