Deborah Frith

Deborah Frith

Title/role: Ceramics | Visual Artists | Workshops

I was commissioned by 'our big picture' Grimsby to take workshops where the end product would be fish and used many different materials to achieve this, I ran workshops in many different situations from open public situations like Clee Festival and Lincolnshire Show to education institutions like the Franklin Institute Grimsby with 6 form students. I also worked with primary schools and scouts. I even took a workshop on the beach creating fish out of the sand using found objects to decorate them with.

I have done a few workshops for Flux where we created decorated ceramic squirrels for Canklow and a workshop creating textured moon and planet shapes for the Festival of the Moon.

I have also taken a workshop creating ceramic birds for the Troll Festival for ROAR.

I was commissioned to undertake workshops for Brightbox creating pinch pot birds with primary school children and general public situations.

Organisations I have worked for:

Our big Picture, Wigan Council, Lincolnshire Council, Flux Rotherham, ROAR Rotherham. Brightbox.

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