Chris Bird

Chris Bird

Title/role: Black and White Photographer | Book Illustrator | Visual Artist | Designer

I have spent my entire life living and working in the Rotherham area. I am a self-taught artist, working in most mediums, painting mostly in a loose representational style. Never happier than with a pen, pencil or brush in my hand, I love to follow my passion for life drawing but just as happy walking the fields, lanes and towpaths of South Yorkshire that inspire me to recreate the images on paper and canvas.

My aim in painting is to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the warmth of a summer breeze as it drifts across a summer meadow, the sound of rustling leaves in the Autumn winds, telling the story of a moment in time.

My paintings have featured in numerous exhibitions and competitions and now many adorn the walls of homes, offices and boardrooms throughout the world.

Have a virtual tour of some of Chris's Artwork HERE

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