Charlotte Lillian Tupper

Charlotte Lillian Tupper

Title/role: Community Artist | Creative facilitator | Printmaking | Visual Artists | Workshops
Cost: £250 per day
Capacity: Flexible and dependent on the project
Availability: From October, Tuesday - Thursdays. Weekends

With over 15 years’ experience of developing socially engaged projects, from building playgrounds, to designing fashion catwalks; delivering intergenerational film projects about trains to eating rainbow picnics with under 5’s, I co-ordinate projects heavily shaped by community exchange, social connections and a collaboration of ideas With a BA hons degree in Embroidery, I enjoy using my creative background to bring sessions alive. My work is rooted in place making, with people and participation. I’m interested in the role of legacies and relics as a means of proving one’s existence, and how and why we record, map and capture information Having had the opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds; including migrant communities, children in care and adults with dementia, I’ve seen the positive impact of creativity on skills-building and wellbeing and learnt how creativity can break down barriers, create friendships, inspire confidence, and develop new skills, regardless of background

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