ArtWorks SY

ArtWorks SY

Title/role: Creative Facilitator

ArtWorks is a collective of over 80 artists with learning disabilities, autism or both from across South Yorkshire who work with a team of staff qualified in a range of creative media. We are experienced in delivering public workshops and working with diverse communities including children and young people, the elderly and individuals with additional needs. Due to the size of our group and the incredible diversity of styles and knowledge in a multitude of creative media, we are able to deliver a great range of creative workshops to suits the interests of the targeted audience.

We are also very experienced in working on large projects and often collaborate on these with external partners. Some of the organisations who we have previously worked with include: Millennium Gallery, Yorkshire Artspace, Site Gallery, Bloc Projects, the Civic in Barnsley, Clifton Park Museum and Wentworth Woodhouse amongst others.

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MORE Artists

Deborah Jayne Hartley

Title/role: Community Artist | Creative facilitator | Mixed Media Artists | Visual Artist | Workshops

Zuzanna K. Nowicka

Title/role: Visual artist | Designer

Maria Sofragiu

Title/role: Community Artist | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Workshops
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