Georgina Kamsika

Title/role: Creative writer | Poet

Rotherham Young Writers

Title/role: Creative facilitator | Poet

Vicky Morris

Title/role: Creative facilitator | Designer | Filmmaker | Graphic designer | Poet | Writer

Tell Tale Hearts

Title/role: Creative facilitator | Dramaturg | Performer | Theatre Director | Writer

Bernadine Stocks

Title/role: Visual artist/ Designer

Rob Pearson

Title/role: Creative Facilitator | Musician

Chris Bird

Title/role: Black and White Photographer | Book Illustrator | Visual Artist | Designer

Eric William Morris

Title/role: Creative Writer | Poet | Visual Artist | Designer

Joshua Daniels

Title/role: Historian | filmmaker

Sarah Anne Bush

Title/role: Musician | Music Teacher

ArtWorks SY

Title/role: Creative Facilitator

Malcolm J Hogan

Title/role: Writer | Performer | Songwriter | Storyteller | Author

Teresa Sayner

Title/role: Mixed Media Artist

Carpenter Lockwood

Title/role: Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Animator | Musical Performer

Kate Sully

Title/role: Visual Artist | Mixed Media Artist

Natasha Poland

Title/role: Illustrator | Graphic Designer

Jason Thomson

Title/role: Sculptor | Public Artist


Title/role: Outdoor Arts Company

Vicky Hilton

Title/role: Community Artist | Producer

Artful Make It Happen

Title/role: Social Enterprise

Alastair Flindall

Title/role: Community Artist | Visual Communications Artist

Louise Ann Wright

Title/role: Visual Artist | Designer

David Sanchez

Title/role: Photographer | Videographer

Tamar Millen

Title/role: Creative Facilitator

Wayne Sables

Title/role: Filmmaker | Photographer | Projection Mapper

Carousel Print Studio

Title/role: Printmaking Charity

Karen Mulcahey

Title/role: Theatre Director | Writer | Singer-songwriter | Performer | Dramaturg

Break-Out Arts

Title/role: Theatre and Collaborative Arts company

Anna Bean

Title/role: Visual Artist | Designer | Photographer | Filmmaker

Art of Protest Projects

Title/role: Creative Facilitator | Visual Artist | Designer

Steven White

Title/role: Graphic Designer

Deborah Greenfield

Title/role: Creative Facilitator | Dancer | Photographer

Andy Owen Cook

Title/role: Writer | Theatre-Maker

Paul Hernes Barnes

Title/role: Theatre-Maker

Rosie Carnall

Title/role: Creative Facilitator

Rich Wiles

Title/role: Documentary Photographer

All creatives featured on the site are independent of Flux Rotherham and although we regularly work with many of the featured creatives, we do not vouch for the quality or experience of any individual or organisation listed. Their contact details will be available on each profile so they can be contacted directly.

If you are looking to work with any creatives to engage children and or vulnerable adults, it is your responsibility to check the guidance on the Government Website to see whether a Disclosure and Barring Service check is required. Many creatives who regularly work with communities and in schools will already be registered with the annual DBS updates service.



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