Dance Experience at Ferham Primary by Balbir Singh

Dance Experience at Ferham Primary by Balbir Singh

Flux Rotherham is thrilled to announce that the acclaimed Balbir Singh Dance Company will be working with a local primary school to create a unique musical and movement piece as part of the community engagement for Ferham Festival. Inspired by Sonia Sabri’s vibrant and dynamic “Mughal Miniatures,” which children and communities will be able to experience in person at the festival on the 17th of August 2024.

In the selected primary school students will engage in six sessions starting in the summer term. These sessions, led by artists from BSDC, will introduce the children to the colourful world of “Mughal Miniatures”, a dance piece which fuses traditional and folkloric artistry with modern and urban forms, making heritage accessible and engaging for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The initiative aims to reflect the inclusive and diverse spirit of the Ferham Festival, giving the children a taste of what the festival stands for.

The workshop programme of performance with dance and music created by BSDC will be rooted in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak, which originates from North India. Kathak has a unique relationship with music through the language of rhythm and the aural tradition of learning both dance and music. The sessions will explore technique, expression, musicality, and storytelling through the visual literacy of dance and music, drawing children into the enchanting world of Indian classical arts. BSDC will introduce students to the origins of the nine classical Indian dance styles, with a focus on Kathak, and demonstrate the interconnectedness of dance and music using voice, the first instrument in Indian music.

Balbir Singh, Founder of BSDC said: “We are delighted to be working with FLUX Rotherham supporting their Creative People and Places Programme with Kathak dance and music as part of the Mughal Miniatures project.

“Kathak as a dance form is highly accessible as Visual Literacy. It is rich in rhythm, musicality, costume, narrative and expression. To introduce dance and music ideas to the children as forms of expression, imagination and creativity is ever more important in the world today as part of confidence building, health and wellbeing.”

“We aim to empower, stimulate curiosity and build new bridges with the children and staff in the schools to give context for such an exciting performance by Sonia Sabri coming to the festival.”

This collaboration promises to showcase the talent and creativity of Rotherham’s young residents and celebrate the community’s rich cultural heritage.

This initiative is possible thanks to Without Walls, a network of organisations bringing innovative outdoor arts to towns and cities across England. Find out more on

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